Upcoming Events

Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West staff are following the Governor’s Stay Home Declaration. Therefore, our ReStore, construction activities, volunteer opportunities, and Homeowner Services will remain closed until April 30.

However, our number one priority is our homeowners. Therefore, we are working with our homeowners who have lost their jobs, had their hours cut or have added expenses due to COVID-19. Through phone calls and email, we are able to assess and document homeowners’ financial hardships, place homeowners in forbearance, and provide grants to pay their monthly escrow. Homeowners unpaid mortgage payments will be added onto the end of their mortgages.

Our management staff are working remotely and communicate daily through emails, texts, and conference calls. Essential functions including accounts payable, payroll functions, and updating our social media messaging are continuing. Management staff are also accessing the resources of other Habitat for Humanity affiliates and Habitat for Humanity International to navigate our way through this time of uncertainty. In addition, management staff are reviewing funding grants from foundations and the COVID-19 legislation to seek funding to replace two of our sources of funding – ReStore profits and mortgage payments. A third source of funding is a grant that was awarded by the LA Housing Corporation which will fund the construction on 4 homes. However, that grant award is on hold, since we cannot start construction on these homes due to the Stay at Home declaration.

As much as we wish there was a playbook for our current situation, it has not been written yet. What has been written is the command to love our neighbors and to act with kindness wherever we can. We thank you for the close and loving community that you continue to help us build and we appreciate your unwavering support.